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The ancient Egyptians cared for their bodies with sugar paste.
They not only used this method for cosmetic purposes, but also to remove annoying hairs all over the body in the most gentle way.


  • is a purely natural product, which has been used by Egyptian women for hair removal for centuries, has been professionally developed further by an Egyptian nurse and is sold worldwide


  • is the Arabic word for sugar. This type of hair removal is called sugaring. SUKAR is   both the oldest and the most modern type of hair removal. Excellent results are achieved on the face and body.


  • is a 100% natural product, without resins, chemicals or other additives, facial and body hair is gently and thoroughly removed.


  • reduces hair growth. The regrowth becomes finer, smaller and lighter in colour.  Dry skin cells are removed, the skin becomes healthy and soft.


  • is less painful to use than wax. The paste sticks to the hair, not the skin. Hair is thoroughly loosened from the root, hardly any broken hair is left behind.


  • produces fewer ingrown hairs, has a pleasant smell and is completely water-soluble.

The treatment

The hair should be 1/2 inch long. Neither cream nor oil should be applied 24 hours before the treatment. 


Is the treatment painful? 

The first time is usually the most sensitive, especially if you have shaved before. In this case, the hair roots are enlarged. In subsequent treatments, any irritation is significantly less. 


Also for sensitive skin? 

Sugaring is well tolerated by all skin types. Redness and slight rashes can occur occasionally, but usually disappear after two hours. A cold, wet cloth will provide relief.


Facial Sugaring

Sugaring is also convenient for facial treatments. If redness occurs, a cold, wet cloth will also provide relief here. Irritations are usually no longer visible after two hours.

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