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With eyelash lifting, a spectacular look with sweepingly curved eyelashes is achieved.

With an eyelash lift, your natural eyelashes are lifted at the base, fixed and dyed deep black or blue-black. As a result, the   eyelashes appear optically longer and thicker. 

Since the eyelash lift is absolutely harmless to your eyelashes, it can be repeated as soon as it grows out (approx. 6 weeks) or when desired. 24 hours after the treatment you can do everything as usual (apply mascara, use oily make-up remover lotion, eye creams, etc.) without the lifting being impaired.

The lifting is also suitable for pregnant women. (Info from the manufacturer Elleebana)

If you further want to care for your eyelashes at home, you can also purchase the  Lash & Brow Conditioner from us, whose valuable oils and active ingredients strengthen the hair and provide it with moisturizing substances. The vitamins and minerals it contains ensure strong, supple eyelashes and well-groomed eyebrows. We also recommend the conditioner to our customers who use waterproof mascara.


The lash lifting application takes about 1 hour and costs 90 CHF including eyelash tinting.

Now new at Sahadya the eyelash care booster: 

Eyelash lifting


If you want to treat yourself to extra strong care for your eyelash lifting, you can now book the care booster (+10 min/ +10 CHF).

The booster gives your eyelashes an extra portion of care thanks to the amino acids, essential fatty acids, flower, bark, root and fruit extracts it contains. The active ingredients support healthy hair growth and protect against damage and premature hair loss by increasing the moisture content and nourishing and strengthening the eyelashes.

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